Biomechanics & Gait Analysis

Biomechanical assessment

A thorough biomechanical examination is one of the keys to effective management of lower limb pain and dysfunction. The information collected from the assessment guides the treatment decisions.

Biomechanical assessments provide in-depth biomechanical perspectives on the nature and cause of foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, and lower back problems.
The objective of our biomechanical examination is to identify the factors which affect the frequency and intensity of mechanical stress on musculoskeletal tissues of the lower extremity. This is accomplished by investigating the many variables which influence the human locomotor system as it supports and propels the body.

The evaluation is focused from the feet to the hips and consists of five individual elements:

Injury History Current Complaints

Previous Injury

Activity Inventory

Physical Demands

Frequency & Duration

Physical Examination Skeletal Alignment

Soft Tissue Imbalances

Footwear & Orthotic Evaluation Support / Cushioning

Wear Patterns

Gait Analysis Improper Motions

Abnormal Postures

Through our detailed clinical assessment to pin-point the biomechanical faults contributing
to injury and recommend the most appropriate, integrated solutions to help reduce
control the mechanical stress on the lower extremity.