Treatments – List from 5th November 2020 and Clinic Update

Following guidance received from the Government and the College of Podiatry we will be remaining open to treat a broader range of foot conditions and essential foot care. In line with the guidance received we will be offering a revised list of treatments at the prices shown below.

As restrictions are eased we will be offering our cosmetic treatments when it is safe to do so.

To ensure your safety, and that of our clinicians, and to minimise the risk of infection with COVID-19 we have implemented the following procedures:-

  • All clients will be provided with a face mask and asked to wear it while in clinic
  • Additional cleaning and disinfection procedures will be carried out before and after your appointment
  • Additional time will be added between appointments to reduce the risk of patient-patient contact and allow time for cleaning and disinfection between appointments
  • Our staff will be wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE).

Before you attend an appointment…

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

If you or anyone in your household has a High temperature and/or new respiratory illness (persistent cough, runny nose or sneezing) please do not attend your appointment. Stay at home and follow current Government guidelines for infection control and isolation.

On arrival …

  • If you have an appointment booked please attend at your specified time. Please do not arrive early as you will not be allowed to enter the clinic to wait.
  • Only the person who is booked in for the appointment may enter the clinic.
  • If you need your registered carer for direct assistance, for mobility or communication purposes please inform us prior to attending your appointment.
  • When you arrive please wait outside the clinic and you will be greeted at the door by a member of our team. They will ask you to reconfirm your pre-screening question.
  • When you enter the clinic please allow the team member to sanitise your hands and provide you with a face mask to wear throughout your appointment.
  • The clinician will greet you wearing PPE. Please do not be alarmed, this is currently recommended to ensure your safety and that of our team.

Treatment list:

New patient assessment  (Allow 45mins)
A medical treatment. Full medical history is taken (please bring your medication list with you). Includes foot assessment, removal of hard skin (callous), corns, toe nail cutting/ reshaping, ingrown toenail, a mini foot massage and a tailored treatment plan 

After you have had your first appointment the following treatment are then available to you: 
Podiatry (Existing customer – Allow 20-30mins)
Includes clinical diagnosis, assessment, podiatry treatment and further management plan. Podiatry treatment includes foot bath, foot assessment, hard skin (callous) removal, corns, toe nail cutting / reshaping, ingrowing toe nails and a mini foot massage.
Nail cut (Existing customer – Allow 15mins)£25
Ingrown Toenail (Existing customer – Allow 15mins)£35
Single Corn removal (Existing customer – Allow 15mins)£30

Ingrowing toe nail with local anaesthetic (Allow 45mins)£90
Verruca chemical treatment (Allow 15mins)£35
Foot and Lower Limb Pain / Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis* (Allow 45mins – 1hr)
Through our comprehensive lower limb assessments and unique integrated biomechanical approach, we provide effective solutions for foot and leg problems. A biomechanical assessment is required for lower limb injuries such as repeated ankle sprains, foot pain, anterior knee pain and hip problems.  
*Note: The treatment above may require temporary padding, strapping and temporary orthotics at additional cost £25 – £75
Foot and Lower Limb Pain / Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis (with Rena Francis Podiatric Surgeon)* (Allow 45mins – 1hr)
Rena is a Podiatric Surgeon and has over 18 years of experience. She specialises in managing all types of foot and ankle related problems. Including Arthritic big toe joints, Mid-foot arthritis, Neuromas, Capsulitis, Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis/tendinopathy, hammer toes and bunions.
*Note: The treatment above may require:
temporary padding, strapping, temporary orthotics or Ultrasound scan at additional cost £25 – £100
Ultrasound Scan£80
Podo-paediatrics/children’s Biomechanical Assessment (Allow 30 min)£65
Nail Surgery (Allow 1hr)
A permanent solution for ingrown toe nails using local anaesthesia. Nail surgery, single toe – including two follow up appointments and redressing.
Verruca needling (Allow 1 hr)£300
Redressing (Allow 15 mins)£20

Additional Biomechanics treatments:

Custom made orthoses£250
Prefabricated orthoses£75
Orthotics casting£38
Orthotics Review (Allow 15-30 mins)£30
Strapping (Allow 15 mins)£25
Ultrasound Scan


Steroid injection with ultrasound guidance (Allow 30 mins)£160
Ostenil lubricating joint injection with ultrasound guidance (Allow 30 mins)£270
Wilde Pedique toe nail reconstruction single toe nail (Allow 30 mins)£40
Wilde Pedique toe nail reconstruction 2 toes (Allow 45 mins)£65
Wilde Pedique toe nail reconstruction small toe nail single toe (Allow 15 mins)£20
Fungal nail treatment/lacuna (Allow 15 mins)£40
Diabetic review/neurovascular assessment (Allow 30 mins)£40
Warm wax treatment (Allow 30 mins)
Let the heated paraffin envelop your feet, stimulating circulation and helping to ease pain caused by arthritis, bursitis, chilblains and chronic joint inflammation. A relaxing warming experience especially good for nourishing dry skin and relaxing tight muscles.

The following treatments are Currently Unavailable

Podiatry and Varnish (medi-pedi) (Allow 45 mins)
Routine Podiatry appointment with your choice of OPI varnish.
OPI Gel colour application (Allow 30 mins)£30
Gel polish removal (Allow 15 mins)£15
Excessive sweating of feet (hyperhidrosis) with botulinum toxin (Allow 1 hr)£500
Pillows for your feet using dermal fillers for cushioning ball of foot Allow (Allow 1 hr) £300-£500