Podiatry & Chiropody

  • New patient assessment appointment £42 (A medical treatment. Full medical history is taken (please bring your medication list with you), Includes foot assessment, removal of hard skin (callous), corns, toe nail cutting/ reshaping and a mini foot massage and a tailored treatment plan) (45mins)
  • Routine  Podiatry £38 (20-30min)
  • Podiatry and varnish £48  All the above with your choice of OPI varnish.
  • Nail cut £19.50 (15min)
  • Corn removal £28 (15min)
  • Ingrown Toenails £31 (15min)
  • Ingrowing tow nail with local anaesthetic £85 (30min)
  • Athletes foot/Fungal nails Lacuna method £38 (15min)
  • Verruca chemical treatment £31 (15min)
  • Verruca Dry needling technique £280 (60min)
  • Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis £95 (60min)

    Through our comprehensive lower limb assessments and unique integrated biomechanical approach, we provide effective solutions for foot and leg problems. A biomechanical assessment is required for lower limb injuries such as repeated ankle sprains, foot pain, anterior knee pain and hip problems.

  • Podo-paediatrics (Children’s biomechanical assessment) £65 (30min)
  • Orthotics

    Orthotics are shoe inserts that treat or alleviate foot disorders. Many are available over the counter, but we provide our patients with top quality, custom-made inserts moulded from foot impression casts. Since orthotics combines knowledge of anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, biomechanics and engineering they be used prophylactically or to optimize sports performance. Our orthotics are manufactured from the highest quality materials available today, and our 30-point quality assurance program allows us to engineer your custom orthotic devices according to the highest quality standards in the industry.

  • Consultation for foot pain (heel pain/ball of foot pain/neuroma/surgical consultation for bunions/hammer toes/neuroma) (with Rena Francis Podiatric Surgeon FCPODS) £98 (30-60min)
  • Nail Surgery for ingrowing toe nails £300 includes 2 redressing appointments (60min)

    A permanent solution for ingrown toe nails using Local Anaesthesia.

  • Toe Nail Reconstruction For thickened distorted nails Full set £80. Single great toe £40 (30min)
  • Surgical Consultations  (with Rena Francis) £98 (30-60 min)

    For bunions and various toe corrections

  • Foot Pain-related Problems £98 consultation fee (with Rena Francis Podiatric Surgeon) (30mins)

    Including Arthritic big toe joints, Mid-foot arthritis, Neuromas, Capsulitis, Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis/tendinopathy.

  • Steroid Injection Therapy with Ultra Sound guidance £140 (30min)
  • Ostenil joint lubricating injection for painful arthritic great toe with ultrasound guidance  £140 (30 min)
  • The Prende Paraffin Warm Wax Foot Treatment £35 (30min)

    Let the heated paraffin envelop your feet, stimulating circulation and helping to ease pain caused by arthritis, bursitis, chilblains and chronic joint inflammation. A relaxing warming experience especially good for nourishing dry skin and relaxing tight muscles.

  • Annual Diabetic Foot Check £38 (20min)

    Many people with diabetes have no problems with their feet and with good care and common sense precautions they can continue to enjoy good foot health. However an annual check up with a podiatrist is good practice to ensure that all remains well. A full report will be given to client, GP and kept on record.

  • Lower Limb Vascular Assessment £38 (20min)

    Full assessment of the circulation in your legs and feet. Includes assessment of pulses with ultrasound Doppler and ABPI ( ankle brachial pressure index).Treatment finishes with advice and a written report for you and your GP.

  • OPI Gel colour application £28 (30min)
  • Gel polish removal £15 (15min)
  • Toe nail reconstruction single Big toe nail £40 (30min). 2 big toes £65 (45 min)
  • Fungal nail treatment/lacuna method £38 (15 min)
  • Pillows for your feet using dermal fillers for cushioning ball of foot £300-£500 (60min)